Sri Aandal Vastu Practitioner Training Class Starts on 15-11-2019, For More Details : +91 99622 94600

Sri Aandal Vastu Practitioner Training

It is my desire to teach vastu well for some of my chosen ones and also to expand my knowledge and gain an in-depth perception on vastu in the future. My style of teaching will be different from the regular classroom teaching, as you can be assured that each and every word and concept will confidently be recorded in your mind.

One day as a concept of communication, you will visit :

While travelling, details of the structures of a few temples will be given as to,

After all that, evaluation takes place:
Practical - 100 Marks
Theory - 100 Marks

I will also be there during the practice, to see the new trainees, who are trained along with me, while they finally meet new customers.

Some vastu experts will be invited to speak as special invitees.

All the days’ activities will take place in the same venue and the place for training and boarding will be arranged. Single room will be provided for two members.

No of Days: - 9 days
Place: Training starts in Chennai and ends in Chennai.

In this training, I would like to share with you my knowledge about three important things: Vastu, Mind and Money.

One day's training will be full of mind and money and the secrets of the Billionaires, who are attracting money.

Practice locations and dates of training:

Why do I teach?

Who needs this training?

Places to Visit: - (May Change)

I am so relieved about this incident and I am obliged to answer.

Vastu Practitioner Training

Pre-requisites of a participant:-

Act according to the following instructions:-


1. Important specifications to be noted after selecting the VASTU training course:

2. If my old client contacts me for their vastu arrangements, I send my trainer to handle such cases with the client’s permission.

3. Trainers who pass in my examination will be listed as Sri Andal Consulting approved Vastu Consultants in / websites.

4. My personal phone number will be given to them, so that they can contact me directly 24x7.

5. I will share my Unique Case Studies at Regular Intervals with the Vastu Trainers.

6. Every Vastu Expert and I would like to visit those people who want to visit Sri Lanka at their own expense. The reason is that a country is corrupted by the wrong wastes and we are sure that the brotherhood is destroyed and the Naina island napubhushanamyam are sure to be kept in mind.

7. A lot of people advised me to do the Andal Vastu Practitioner Training in Franchise Model, but I do not agree with the money matters, so I do not work that way. My requests for those who are trained in Andal Vastu Practitioner Training are:

9. According to my research, for astrology, you must have at least 15 years of research experience. If you do not have that experience, please do not offer any astrological consultation at the place where you have visited for giving vastu advice.

10. In any case, do not give false advice for customer's happiness.

11. After a period of time, the service that you provide will make you think of yourself as god. (All of us are Gods!!!). We have to practice it as well; hence, it is good to avoid drinking, smoking, movements and so on.

12. After training, do not consider each other as competitor, but help each other when needed. Let's talk a lot about ourselves. If we need 3 months or 6 months or 1 year, let’s talk once again the whole day.

If you want to participate in this event, please contact,

Mr.Chendur Subramanian +91 99622 94600
Mr.Abuthalif +91 95972 77477