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About Consultant

Dr.Andal P. Chockalingam BE, MBA, M.Phil., (Ph.d.,) is a renowned personality with a rich heritage in Tamil Nadu. He was born in 1971 at Ambasamudram, which is situated in Tirunelveli District and his great grandfather was Madathukadai Chithambaram Pillai, who was a very great freedom fighter. His brother Madathukadai Chockalingam pillai was the founder of Sudesamithiran and Dhinasari. Not only that, he was the first Editor of Dinamani. Having such lineage, Dr.Andal P. Chockalingam is also a popular, senior Vastu Consultant & founder of Maga Andal’s Vastu and is well appreciated for his services. He is extremely devoted and has a keen inclination for Goddess Andal of Srivilliputhur temple. Since 1995, he has been doing the research on temples and their relevance with vastu. Eventually, his research about the temples has become a part of his doctorate degree.

Dr.Andal P. Chokalingam approaches vastu as a pure science and does not bend towards unnecessary superstitious remedial rituals. This feature is a striking contrast from others and highly appreciated by his clients. As a result, he has a record of 100% client satisfaction for his dedicated consultation service.

Apart from Vastu consultation, he runs multiple businesses and masters in managing them with utmost efficiency, success and prosperity. Moreover, he has expertise in Sugar plant Erection and Commissioning, Telecom -Technology Human Resource consultancy, Heavy Duty EOT Cranes Technology and also owns Government Gas Distribution Agency (Indane). Last but not the least, he possesses 21 years of experience in Sales and Marketing. Already, with many feathers on his cap, he is now in the mission of changing lives by focusing on the right directions.