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Vastu for Kitchen

In every house, Kitchen is the place where healthy and nutritious food is cooked and thus, it becomes essential to construct the kitchen as per the rules and guidelines of vastushastram, so that it generates positive energy and eliminates the negative ones.

According to Sri Aandal Vastu, kitchen should be constructed with the following guidelines:

  • The best place to have the kitchen is on the South east portion of the house.
  • Alternatively, North West portion of the house can be chosen to locate the kitchen.
  • Cooking should be done only by facing the East direction.
  • It is mandatory to have a window in the kitchen and it should be on the East direction touching the North wall and on the South direction touching the East wall. The Exhaust fan can be fixed on the South wall.
  • The Sink must be kept on the North East corner of the kitchen.
  • Loft and shelf should be on the South and the West wall.
  • Arch entrance in between the kitchen and the dining hall should be avoided.
  • It is advisable not to locate the toilet near the kitchen.